MADMONKEY ltc1.5g litecoin MINER
1.55GH/s @ 1350W

2775 USD

( 0.4625 BTC, or 69.38 LTC, or 21.35 DASH )

As the world fastest GH Litecoin miner, the MADMONKEY LTC15G reaches a spectacular 1.55Gh/s (+/- 5%), with 1350W (+/- 5% @28℃) at the wall, it offers our customers the best mining competitive advantage, significantly lower operating cost ($0.08ckW/h at our farms), higher ROI and longevity. It has a small form factor, low noise, better quality and more reliable, designed to win and possess best ever resell values. Best Price, Limited Quantity. First pay first served.

Hashrate: 1.55GH/s (+/-5%)

Power Consumption: 1500W ( +/- 5%, normal mode, at the wall, with 90% efficiency PSU, 28°C temperature )

Dimensions:  Double Tube (L)360mm*(W)260mm*(H)160mm

Net Weight: 10.46KG

Ambient Temperature: 0-45°C

Network Connection: Ethernet

Cooling: air-cooled with 2 fans per tube, 4 fans in total

The most profitable way to do bitcoin mining! Our standard electricity rate for 2018/2019 is capped at $0.08kW/h! And we don’t even bill you for cooling, insurance or maintenance fees.

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in ta1. Delivery time: first pay, first served. Remainder orders will be fulfilled 28 December 2018 to 25 January 2019

2. Please NOTE: All Mad Monkey Rigz miners ships with a pre-installed PSU, and the PSU we provide is specially customized for our miners. Since customers require different types of plugs, the PSU does not contain 220V AC cables. You can order the standard IEC C14 AC power cable to use with the PSU.

3. PSU is more than 1800W, so please purchase AC cable with 3*1.5 specifications, and 3 wire cores with diameter no less than 1.5mm.

4. Please write the recipient’s name, contact information and address carefully. We will ship according to the information given to us. You will be responsible for any damages or losses caused by errors in the information.

5. We guarantee the safety of the goods until they are in the hands of the shipping carrier. Once the shipping carrier has accepted the goods, the ownership of them will be transferred to customers. Any damage or losses of the goods during transport and import customs clearance will be charged to the buyers.

6. In order to increase the in transit security of the high-value miner, we are implementing insurance fees with the shipping fees, starting from January 1st, 2018. We will use the company name (if not available, then the name of the buyer) as the insured party. Please make sure that the information is correct.he module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Inquiry Email:
Support Email:
All Mad Monkey Rigz will be tested by factory before shipment and certified by Mad Monkey Rigz LLC. The post-sales service policy is as follows. After payment, your order will be processed immediately.

360 days parts warranty for any miners directly purchased from Mad Monkey Rigz LLC. (counting starts upon miner arrival). If any problem, please leave an after-sales message on our message board. Our technical support team will get in touch with you asap.

Please don’t send any machine or parts without contacting the technical support team first. Any loss or damage as a result of lack of contact will be the responsibility of the customer.

The price of miners may be adjusted at any time without prior notice or price compensation to customers.

The warranty expires in the following cases:

Miner is demolished, privately altered or component replacement by customers;
Lightning, voltage surges, poor quality power supply causing damage;
Circuit boards and components damaged by water, exposed to moisture or corroded;
The circuit board or the chip is completely burned;
Excessive Over-clocking in an overheating environment.
If above case happens, services of your miner maintenance will be charged. For the specific procedures, please refer to the after-sales process.

Product Order

Order Item : LTC1.5G Litecoin Miner with PSU (220V)


Please make a depost to 3GqbYgyLyd3ZJEWY39WFezHCATaoXFBMai

After payment confirmation, tracking number and shipping details will be provided.

BTC Wallet: 3GqbYgyLyd3ZJEWY39WFezHCATaoXFBMai

GreenMonkey Mining:

1. You pay only for electricity ($0.08 kW/h)

2. Once per month we issue you an invoice for electricity costs in your account, you pay it by bitcoin.

3. In case of a breakdown, we charge you with an invoice for the cost of repairs.

4. Free delivery to one of our farms.

5. Free installation.

6. Full remote control of the miner in your personal account on our website.

7.You configure the pool in your account on our website.

Special Notes:

1. Order cancellation and refund request are generally not accepted after payment. Buyer’s discretion is advised.

2. If you decide to pay for your order with BTC, LTC or DASH, please be aware of the following: if coin price drops vs dollars after the payment, we don’t ask you to pay more. Vice versa, if coin price rises after the payment, please don’t ask us for refund.

3. Please make sure to provide the correct address for delivery before your order submission. The shipping address can not be changed after the order submission.

4. The actual purchase price will be the default value of commercial invoice(CI), and the shipping list in CI only includes the products you actually purchased. If there is any special need, please note in the CI Note column.

5. Please understand that we update our btc, ltc and dash price using a slightly conservative coin exchange rate to account for Crypto exchange volatility.